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A WordPress Membership for Serious Website DIYers

Take your WordPress, website & SEO to the next level

Includes 20 pro plugins or themes!



Includes Pro Plugins or Themes!

WordPress Membership Elite

Is the Easy DIY WordPress Membership Pro right for you?

  • You want full access to the Easy DIY WordPress Course

  • You want full access to the Easy DIY SEO Course

  • You want access to Over $1900 worth of pro plugins

    See the full list of pro plugins and themes available in the Membership Pro.

  • You want live training

  • You want access to a private Facebook group

  • You want full support

    Please note that this isn't available during the Founding Member stage but will be coming

  • You want access to guest speakers

You Know it Makes Sense!

Free Pro Plugins Worth Over $1900 a year!

The Easy DIY WordPress Membership Elite is for serious website DIYers who want to take their WordPress website to the next level.

As well as having access to the easy DIY WordPress and SEO Courses and all future updates. It also includes as many pro plugins/themes that you can choose from the list below.

Yes, for Founding Members the cost of $30 a month (or $300 a year) you get access to over $1900 worth of plugins!

And you get the amazing Easy DIY WordPress Course, SEO Course & other benefits too!


What's Included in the WordPress Membership Elite?

Easy DIY WordPress Course

Usually $129


The Easy SEO Course

Usually $99


Choose any of the below pro plugins or themes as part of your membership

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Beaver Builder Pro Plugin

    My page builder plugin of choice & great for beginners, worth $99 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Beaver Themer Plugin

    This amazing plugin will change your WordPress website building life! Worth $147 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Kadence Pro Templates

    Kadence free templates are great but the pro templates take it to the next level

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Kadence Theme Pro

    Experience the full power of Kadence theme. Worth $59 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Beaver Team Pro

    A must have plugin to complement Beaver Builder. Worth $129 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Kadence Cloud

    Access beautiful, unique templates (please note templates are coming soon). Worth $69 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Kadence Blocks Pro

    Kadence theme pro plus  Kadence pro Gutenberg blocks. Worth $149 a year (this is 2 products)

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Greenshift Plugin

    A Gutenberg add on for animations and more. Worth $59.99 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    WP Vivid Back Up Plugin

    Back up your websites like a pro. Plugin Worth $49 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Kadence Shopkit

    Perfect making you ecommerce store extra special. Worth $99 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Admin Page Spider Pro

    One of my absolute favourite plugins. It will speed up your build time no end.

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Beaver Builder Theme

    A simple theme and still a firm favourite for its simpicity. Worth $99 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Virusdie Premium Security

    Absolutely essential to protect your websites from malware and vulnerabilities. Worth $15 a month

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    WP Rocket

    Speed up your website with this popular caching plugin. Worth $59 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Convert Pro Plugin

    A must for your marketing. Email Opt-In & Lead Generation Plugin. Worth $87 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Astra Pro

    One of the best known pro themes in WordPress. Worth $59 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Smart Slider 3

    Beautiful, elegant sliders made simply. Worth £51 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Microthemer Plugin

    This plugin is perfect for beginners as you can style anything with it, without coding. Worth $49 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Power Pack for Beaver Builder

    Adds extra modules to Beaver Builder. Worth $69 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Spectra Pro Plugin

    A Gutenberg add on from the Astra team. Worth $69 a year

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Happy Files

    Organise your media files like a pro. Worth $59

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Ultimate Add Ons for Beaver Builder

    Adds extra modules to Beaver Builder. Worth $57 a year

Please note that no website would need all the above plugins/themes.

And if that's not enough!

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Live Training

    This might be a top tip, animations, the latest in WordPress, styling images, or anything. Requests will be taken!

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Private Facebook Group

    Although I'm not a fan of Facebook I have to admit it is brilliant for groups. Connect and learn with other businesses.

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Latest SEO Updates

    SEO changes all the time and it's hard to keep track. You'll be the first to know of any changes.

  • WordPress-heart-turquoise

    Guest Speakers

    From social media managers to mindset coaches, I want the membership to be a one-stop hub to help you in all aspects of your business.

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