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Perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, VA's wanting to expand their skills, or anyone wanting to DIY their own WordPress website


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Is the Easy DIY WordPress Course right for you?

  • Do you know how to install WordPress?

  • Have you chosen a theme?

  • Have you chosen a builder?

  • Have you chosen your colour palette?

  • Have you chosen a hosting company?

    Page 1 of Google is full of affiliate links for not so great hosting

  • Do you know how to easily maintain your site?

  • Do you know about backups?

  • Do you know about security?

  • Do you know what to check before installing a free plugin?

If not, this is the course for you!

I hear you want to DIY your WordPress Website?

So, you want to build your own WordPress website? Congratulations and high fives on making a very sound decision. A WordPress site will serve you for many years to come. In fact probably your whole business life. You will no doubt want to refresh your site with a quick makeover every few years (don't we all need that?!), but because you have chosen WordPress your website will be able to grow with your business. You can add almost any functionality to your site that you like, with the help of plugins, many of which are free. And the WordPress community is amazing. Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Diane, DIY WordPress Course Creator

Can WordPress be Easy? With guidance, yes it can!

what does the wordpress course include?

  • MODULE 1


    This is a general intro on how to use the course and website and an introduction to WordPress builders.

  • MODULE 2

    Getting Started

    No surprises that this module includes everything you need to get started. From free developer hosting* to get you started with minimum hassle, to the best ready made website templates and cracking some of the "techy stuff" that needs to be done (it won't hurt, I promise). This module will get you off to a flying start with ease.

    *you will eventually need to buy hosting, starting from $4.95

  • MODULE 3


    Jargon is a no-no in this course but there are some WordPress terms you need to understand. You'll be talking WordPress with the best of them after this module.

  • MODULE 4

    TO DO!

    Yes, capital letters! This is such an important module it deserves to be shouted about.
    It includes all the things that as a beginner you don't even know that you don't know. Months down the line, when you do realise you need to know them, you'll be Googling for hours to find out how to do them. With the course you can have them all to hand in one place to refer back to whenever you want.

  • MODULE 5

    The Customiser

    The Customiser (or customizer if you're not in the UK 😉 ). There is a lot to learn in the Customiser. But fear not, everything is covered in short 5-10 minute videos that are easy to refer back to at any time.

  • MODULE 6

    Editing & Site Structure

    This is the nitty gritty of your site. Adding pages, setting the urls, creating the menu, cloning pages, copying and pasting and so very much more! And of course how to edit your site.
    In total there are 9 individual sections within the editing module, including lots of elements that you wouldn't even think of as a beginner.

  • MODULE 7

    Site Maintenance

    Have you ever been told that maintaining a WordPress website is hard? If so, the person telling you either didn't know what they were doing, were using unreliable plugins or trying to sell you a monthly $100+ maintenance plan (sorry developers 😬 Caveat some business critical sites with millions of hits should indeed be maintained by a professional).
    If you're in the know, maintaining a WordPress is easy. I maintained and updated 100's of sites a month with a single click. And a site only exploded once. Only joking! Someone in a Facebook group who was selling Wix website design did actually say this could happen to a WordPress site. You will hear lots of untruths about WordPress and maintenance.

  • MODULE 8

    Free Tools

    After working with WordPress for 9+ years you learn a thing or two and these free tools are brilliant. 

  • MODULE 9


    Some extra training just to help you on your web design journey. Want to know what they are? Then click the sign up button and get started 😊 I can't wait to see what you build.

  • MODULE 10

    More to Come

    Module 11 is a bit like platform 9¾ in Harry Potter. No one can see it, but it's something special and magical. That's because module 11 (along with every module beyond 11) is still being created.  
    Modules that are either currently being filmed or are on the roadmap include ecommerce, advanced form creation, calendars and much, much more. My courses and memberships really are intended to be a one stop shop for all your WordPress and web design needs. Not only that, but if you want a video and it's not there, just ask and as if by magic (this is platform 9¾ after all), your video will be created and added to the training for all to benefit from.